8 months 1 day

So happy to be 8 months

So happy to be 8 months

Jack turned 8 months old yesterday. Where did that time go? He’s growing so quickly and every day his little personality shows itself more and more.

He’s sitting up unaided and very nearly crawling, he’ll also stand with assistance which means we will need to baby proof the house very very soon. He still finds the dog hilarious and I swear he tries to imitate his bark with short sharp screams in his direction.

He’s turning into a little food lover too as so far he’s yet to really refuse to eat anything I’ve put in front of him, bonus! Currently I’m mixing between purees and solid food, purees so I know he’s eaten then solid food he can experiment with.

His 8 month birthday however was not a fun one, he was struck down with another bug. Being full of snot, and having a nasty cough resulted in one very grumpy and irritable baby. We were housebound so no exciting tails to tell except a day filled with tears, comforting cuddles and lots of calpol.

Today he seems a little brighter, his nose is still streaming and the cough is still persistent but he is in a noticeably better mood so I’m hoping the cold is on it’s way out. Here’s to hoping.


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