Uppababy Vista

I don’t know about you but when we came to purchase our pushchair I completely underestimated what a task it would turn out to be. We ventured to our local kiddicare to have ‘a look’ to be faced with literally a wall of  prams, pushchairs and travel systems. I was blown away by the choice and quite frankly didn’t know where to start. How on earth are you meant to choose?! I think I possibly freaked out, it was the first time we ventured in to a ‘baby’ shop and to see a superstore full of a million and one things that your little bundle of joy apparently needs was too much for my overly hormonal self to deal with. Safe to say we walked out as quickly as we walked in. Our next step was to trawl the internet for a solution to our travelling needs. We knew we wanted something that could accommodate our car seat but also see us through our first few years with Jack (also a decent shopping basket was high on the agenda). We came across the Uppababy Vista on a comparison site that seemed to tick all the boxes. According to the uppababy website the ‘VISTA pram and pushchair system is designed to transport your baby or toddler in comfort wherever you want to go. It’s both nimble and light around city centre stores and rugged enough for a walk in the countryside. And, after all that fresh air, the carry cot or spacious seat unit are a great place for a quick nap! Equipped for all weathers, the VISTA offers protection from the sun, rain and those annoying insects. Practical from day one with the huge basket but also designed to grow with your child and family’. In reality that’s all pretty close to the mark. The frame is sturdy and secure but really light to manoeuvre, I can whizz round the shops with ease. Jack always looks comfy and will actually fall asleep when the seat is reclined and he is a reluctant napper.  Never for too long but that says more about Jack than the pushchair. The handle height can be altered which is great for my tall husband and even better for his back. The sun visor is a real selling point too, there’s no annoying sun brollies to wrestle with and no matter which direction you’re walking they are protected from the sun, it also boasts a SPF50. And as we know the sun in the UK is never out for long so when not in use it just pushes away inside the hood. The  seat can be used forward or rear facing, and has a 4-position recline. It’s also quite high up when compared to friends, this is handy as I don’t have to bend down too low when tending to Jack. It folds simply enough with a push of a button whilst pressing down on the handle, something however that Grandad still seems to struggle with. And, the shopping basket is more than generous, granted you can’t actually get anything in it when the carrycot is attached but with the seat or car seat attached it’s great. More than enough room to hold the dozen or so items you can’t leave the house without. Even with all the above positives as with most things there are some negatives to consider. The base is REALLY wide, obviously I can’t compare to other systems but there’s been many a time when I’ve been caught between chairs in a coffee shop or between clothes in a shop, and when it seems people really won’t step aside when you’ve got a pushchair I have been stuck a few times. Uppababy claim that the system can be folded with the seat attached or not but unless I’m doing it wrong this isn’t the case for me. I’m pretty sure that it can only be folded when the seat is facing forward but even when I do this the foot rest doesn’t really fold enough for it to fit in our car boot and we have a 5 door saloon, it sticks out awkwardly so I can’t close the boot lid. I always end up removing the seat unit and stowing it separately. This is no real bother but can add vital seconds to an already stressful situation if the little one is having a meltdown in the back of the car. It it is also quite heavy, not to push, but when picking it up to put in the car I really have to put my back into it, however I could just be a weakling. Also, even though the ride seems really smooth around town on those nice tarmac streets or those smooth floored shopping malls I wish it was a little smoother when out for a walk. Don’t get me wrong Jack isn’t juddering about in his seat but when walking on uneven paths or footpaths the knocks seem to make the ride more bumpy. Those smaller front wheels mean I sometimes need to give it a good shove to get over the kerb or even tilt it a little when he’s sleeping. I do love it though and so glad we went with this one. We went with the colour Jake which is black fabric on a black frame, for us it’s nice and simple. But there are 8 colour ways to choose from. It comes with a carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping (Jack actually ended up sleeping in his for a while as he didn’t take to his Moses basket), a seat unit, 2 rain covers, 2 insect nets and the maxi cosi adapters (bonus). The RRP is £629 which compared to other travel systems it’s not too bad considering the included extras. However, it’s quite ironic that I thought this ticked all the boxes but with a holiday approaching we’re looking for a more travel friendly stroller to take away with us, any recommendations?

Uppababy Vista in Jake

Uppababy Vista in Jake


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